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Dancing Death Kappa

This weekend I watch Death Kappa directed by Tomo’o Haraguchi. It was very low budget and I was confused about what was going on most of the time, but other than that I liked it. What I took away was there were dancing water goblins, mutated fish people and some chick that sang. For some reason a nuclear bomb was exploded and then two giant monsters fought in the middle of a city. There was an awesome men-in-monster-suits battle around a cardboard city. And I like that even though the Kappa killed, literally, thousands of people when it turned good again, thanks to the power of song, everyone cheered for it. IT DESTROYED YOUR CITY AND KILLED YOUR MOM!! Go see it though, it’s weirdly entertaining.

The Tulip Terror!!

Movie Pitch: Giant carnivorous tulips, mutated due to an accident at a wind farm, pull themselves out of the ground and kill hippie residents of Berkeley, who ironically would be the only people who would fight for the rights of mutant murderous tulips. Only the CEO of Round Up and a gang of tough but warm-hearted inner-city youths can fight off this beautiful scourge. It’s also a love story.  

The Cravery is Kind Of Needy

Apparently the Cravery has some tenacious marketing people. I wrote a little blog post mentioning the Cravery a little more than five years ago, on a blog I haven’t updated in three years now. This morning I got this letter


That is some stalkery ex behavior. It’s been five years, things have changed. I’m not even sure I have the password to that website anymore. I’ve moved on. You’re getting creepy. I realize that it’s probably just some overzealous marketing intern, but come on. It’s been FIVE years! Let it go.

Good pot pies though.

Cicadaggedon The Movie

After 17 years of peace, they’re back and death will swarm! Choosing a Native American Burial site for their 17 year rest, the usually peaceful but loud cicadas have been infused with vengeful spirits set on the destruction of the town of Old Saybrook. Only the town sheriff, played by Mark Hamill, and a beautiful entomologist and Native American Lore expert, played by Morgan Fairchild, can save the town from complete annihilation.

Birdemic 2: Now With More Birds!

The Birdemic 2 trailer is out! I think this one might be a little too self aware, but I’m still going to check it out. I thought the first movie was horrible in a great way, I think it was fun because it was trying to be a better movie and just missed the mark by miles. I think this one isn’t trying to be a good movie, but then it’s the same writer/director so there’s a good chance his aim will be wildly off and he accidently creates a classic.

Some upcoming shows.

Some upcoming shows.

Thanks for the Monsters

When I was little I would watch Clash of the Titans over and over again. I loved the Monsters, the witches who passed around one eye, and I adored Bubo the animatronic owl. Jason and the Argonauts and the 7th Voyage of Sinbad were some of my favorite movies. Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion creatures were among my first loves and helped turn me into the monster-loving weirdo I am today. So I just wanted to say thank you for giving me an enduring love of B movies and silly owls. 

Bad Turkey

I am a huge fan of bad movies, especially bad horror movies. I watched an epically horrible movie recently called Thankskilling. The movie revolves around the aptly named Turkey, a demonic turkey who comes to earth to kill college kids in revenge for the disrespect of the settlers to Native Americans from the first Thanksgiving. It has a bad puppet, bad acting, the semblance of a plot, and lots of bad special effects. The movie knows it’s a bad movie and revels in it, which can sometimes make a bad movie unwatchable, but the winks at the audience in this movie are fun and enjoyable. The movie is just goofy with the least threatening antagonist, but it works. I recommend this to any bad movie lover.

Colleen Watson at The Punchline in February 2013.